Benefits of reading aloud

There are a couple changes I’m going to make now that there’s some content to the listening library.

First off let me say that new stories will be added at a minimum of 2 times a week.

Regular posting will go to three times a week, and with two taken with new stories that leaves me a posting to bring you relevant information on either the literature itself, the benefits of reading aloud, history on the author’s and their backgrounds, and child development.

I was reading an article this morning on benefits children gain from being read to. The following are some bulleted points from that article:

1. Strengthening a bond between the child and adult reader

2. Experiencing the pleasure of escaping into a fantasy world or an exciting adventure

3. Developing a favorable attitude toward books as an enrichment to their lives

4. Stimulating cognitive development

5. Gaining new vocabulary and syntax

6. Becoming familiar with story and text structures

7. Stimulating and expanding their imaginations

8. Stretching attention spans

9. Empathizing with other people’s feelings and problems

10. Learning ways to cope with their own feelings and problems

11. Widening horizons as they vicariously learn about the world

12. Developing an interest in new subjects and hobbies

13. Understanding the heritage of their own and other cultures

14. Learning new knowledge about nature

15. Bringing history to life Stimulating aesthetic development through illustrations

16. Exploring artistic media used in illustrations

It has been said, and I don’t remember by whom, that there is not a thought that humans have had that has not been written down somewhere. With all the turmoil in the world would it not be a great benefit to gain a multitude of perspectives for any given situation? This coupled with the moral compass

provided by the parenting structure would set our children up in the best possible ways for all they may face in the future.

I urge you to please take the time to read to your youngns. Should time be limited then by all means, use a story that has been provided here. Some short, some long, all wonderful adventures through time and distance.

Make today the best it can possibly be!

Tim R.

There’s a secret in here, of the most important kind

When I first came upon this story, I didn’t understand it. The initial fascination was the type of animation used. My first exposure to it was as a video that had been made for one of the major online outlets. I was taken by the creativity first of a story within a story, and second what that story within the story had to offer. Unfortunately, the video (as always) left something to be desired. I wasn’t sure what it was until I read the book. There truly is a secret hidden inside. One that is spelt out quite clearly, yet the more I have read, listened to, and finished the audio I realized more and more. I will continue to read this story many times over just for that secret, with the hopes of an even better understanding still.

Antoine and a plane
Antoine De Saint-Exupéry

Antoine De Saint-Exupéry was a French aviator, aristocrat, poet, writer, and journalist. He was born in 1900 in Lyon, France and passed in 1944.

Lyon, France

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May Chivalry never die!

Miguel De Cervantes was born, it is estimated, in the fall of 1547. This makes him our oldest author so far in this blog. His work as a Spanish writer gained him notoriety as the greatest writer in the Spanish language and one of the worlds preeminent novelists


Miguel de Cervantes



His work, Don Quixote is even considered the worlds first novel. And it is from this novel we find our story for today.

If it is ever said that one has chased their dreams, the Character of Don Quixote would be that one.




Don Quixote
Don Quixote



Although written as a man who has lost his mind, it may be said by some that he simply regained his childhood.




We will catch up with him in La Mancha, Spain. Where we will join him in a glorious battle. Outnumbered and most apparently, outwitted.

Estsan-Natlehi needs a home

This one was much shorter than I expected it to be, but is a beautifully told tale all the same. The Navajo nation is one of the largest tribes in North America. They have a deep and rich history. So much of it truly is in the tales that are told.


One of the sights you will see often when driving through the Navajo reservation are little round hut style buildings. These are used as much today as they were once upon a time. The structure is called a Hogan (Ho-gone).


They are used as outbuildings anymore from what I understand. To house livestock, for the preparing of materials of tradition, I’m sure at times they may even be lived in (although not as common a practice as it once was).

As it turns out. One of the Mothers in this story ended up with much more appropriate accommodations for her position….at the end anyway. Let’s see what happened:

Holla Holla…a heffible horalump

Sometimes the stories we read make us laugh.


Especially when we put ourselves in the position of the characters we are reading about. This one always makes me do that. We are rejoining Pooh Bear and some of his friends today as they go on yet another little trip through the woods. Going trapping we are.


It can be well imagined Mr Milne telling his son these stories. What is unknown is if he told them and then wrote them down, or if he wrote them with the intent of telling them later. While it will never really matter, it is interesting to see how the mind will work sometimes. What we do know is his son and the tykes toys are most definitely the inspiration for what has been shared and loved the world round.

CR and PB

Let’s now join Pooh Bear, Piglet, and Christopher Robin at lunch:

Excuse me, Mr. Drummond…

What name could be more synonymous with Pirate than Blackbeard?

Edward Teach

Unlike some recent fictional characters, Blackbeard was a real Privateer and Pirate (Do you know the difference between the two?).


Most likely the one with the greatest reputation. Judge Whedbee has given us a brief history of this man and his ending…or is it an ending. From what I learned, he may be around still.

We’re going back to North Carolina today, Ocracoke town


and the Pamlico (Pamilico; as spelt in the book) Sound.

Pamilico Sound

The whole Outer Banks area is filled with so much pirate history that the legends will most likely never die.


This one starts with an Edward Drummond and ends with some lights which may or may not still be visible. Without further ado, or you’d end up reading the whole story instead of listening to it, I give you Mr Whedbees glimpse into the life and times from the late 1600’s to the early 1700’s in and around the lower central Atlantic seaboard:

That was NOT a kiss.

For some time there have been two collections of fairy and folk tales that have endured. Hans Christian Andersen’s and Grimms. One at a time let’s meet the two, or rather three. For Grimm, there were two brothers. Jacob and Wilhelm.

Grimm Brothers

Between the two they were quite the skilled pair. To their credit, they were academics, philologists, cultural researchers, lexicographers and authors (curious, can you tell me what a Philologist is?).  They actually established a methodology for collecting and recording folk stories that established folklore studies in its own right.

They were only a year apart and were the second and third eldest surviving siblings in a family of nine. Born in Hanau, in the Landgraviate of Hesse-Kassel


within what is now Germany. They moved to the town of Steinau when their father was appointed District Magistrate. Following their fathers’ death and their grandmothers’ insistence that they be industrious, they moved to Kassel to attend Freidrichsgymnasium, a school of secondary education.


For now, we will leave you there with them and go on to tell the story they have at the forefront of their collections as now printed, the Frog King, or Iron Henry.


It has been over the years and retellings that some pieces of these stories have changed. After listening to this, can anyone tell me how the Frog became King again, and in what way it may differ from what you may have heard before?

Holes in the ground and a cane to climb

In this, the second post for today, we will look at the origin story of the Hopi tribe.

Hopi tribe butterfly dance

It will bring into play some landscape features many more will recognize than the Superstition Mountains. Here is an excerpt from the manuscript the story was obtained from. It has a bit of a story in it itself.

‘Hapitu or Hopi meaning the “peaceful ones” were the only Shoshones to adopt a Pueblo culture


located on the Three Mesas in Northeastern Arizona.


Their first European contact was the Spanish explorer Coronado in 1540. In 1598, the government of New Mexico territory made them swear allegiance to the king of Spain. In 1529, a Franciscan Mission was established at several Hopi settlements however, they were destroyed in 1680 at the general Pueblo uprising. The present Hopin reservation became a reality by presidential order on December 16, 1882.

The performance of their spectacular Snake Dance attracts a huge public

Snake Dance

and they remain one of the largest and best known of the North American tribes. ‘

With that, we will delve deep into the world and see where our friends the Hopi came from.

Grand canyon

Listen to the four winds…

It has never seemed right to label the American Indians with one title. Even if, or rather just because you are trying to label them a specific type of people based on geography, which itself is rather subjective. After all, aren’t the citizens of Russia also Asian? In any case, the larger problem is that each tribe is so different in culture and tradition from each other, that while there are tying binds in their pasts, they are all unique to the point of being nothing more or less than the peoples of the tribe that they are.

We have two such stories today. The Pima have a tradition of origin so very different from the Hopi. And I’d like to share these with you now. First the story of the Pima.

Pima Indians

These stories will put some of us in familiar territory, I myself was born in Arizona and have visited the Superstition Mountains on occasion.


“In the State of Arizona, the Pima Indian tribe declares that the father of all men and animals was Great Butterfly-Cherwit Make, meaning the Earth-Maker.”

Shall we listen to the four winds as they tell us a story?

Four winds


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