A playwright, an officer in both world wars, a political commentator of sorts through his writing, what a varied career A. A. Milne had. There are a lot of details to go around but before I had decided to read his best-known works, I had no idea what else the writer of the beloved Pooh books had done in his life. As we explore the various adventures of Winnie-ther-pooh, we will also touch on pieces of Mr. Milnes life.

For instance, the Hundred Acre Wood from the stories is an actual place. Or at least modeled after one. Outside of the books the Five Hundred Acre Wood in Ashdown Forest in East Sussex, South East England, is where the stories are set. trees-ashdownforest

Places that we’ve read about and even some that have been illustrated for us are there to visit. Like the door to Pooh’s home.


Or a place to play Poohsticks


You might even get lucky enough to catch a Woozle if you circle this tree enough times.

Heffalump Trap

In any case, these and many other places are truly home for our imaginations. May we visit often.

I hope you enjoy Chapter one. In which we will be introduced to a bear and his boy.

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