Pooh Bear is stuck

As it turns out, Mr. Milne was a contemporary with a few other noted literary figures. But I’ll get to that in a moment. First a little background. Alan Alexander Milne was born in 1882 in Hampstead of the United Kingdom.


I believe that is part of the London metropolitan area. He passed in 1956 in Hartfield Sussex. That would have made him 74.

Hartfield Sussex fields

He had attended a public school that his father ran and while there had for a teacher someone I would have loved to pick his brain. While I don’t know what if any contribution Mr. H.G. Wells ( Mr. Wells wrote The Time Machine, and War of the Worlds.) had as influence on Mr. Milne’s writing life. We do know that he taught during the years of 1889-1890.

HG Wells

had as influence on Mr Milne’s writing life. We do know that he taught during the years of 1889-1890.

After which Mr. Milne attended Westminster School and Trinity College Cambridge.  He went on scholarship for mathematics and graduated with his BS in Mathematics in 1903. While attending he and his brother, Kenneth, wrote for Granta, a student magazine. From this, a British humour magazine Punch, found his work and added him as a contributor and finally assistant editor.

Mr. Milne also played sports. He was on a minor league Cricket team, the Allahakbarries. It was there we are introduced to a couple of his other literary contemporaries. For he played on the same team as J.M. Barrie (author of Peter Pan) and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (author of Sherlock Holmes) whose works we will also explore.

Peter PanSherlock holmes

But for now, we are still in the Hundred Acre Wood. So here we have Pooh Bear once more and he seems to have gotten into a tight spot.

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