Let us look for a Woozle

Mr Milne had written many other pieces. From propaganda articles for MI 7b, to plays and even full novels. After his son was born he wrote a collection of children’s poems entitled when we were very young. All that and it is the Pooh stories we know the best.

When we were very young

Christopher Robin, is in fact, Christopher Robin Milne. He is our authors’ very own son. It was his toys which were used as the inspiration for the stories we have now. Winnie-the-pooh was once named Edward bear and was one Christophers’ stuffed animals. The ‘Winnie’ came from a Canadian black bear who was called ‘Winnie’ because she was from Winnipeg. She had been a mascot during WWI and was left to the London Zoo after the war. ‘The-Pooh’ comes from a swan called ‘Pooh’.


Piglet, Kanga, Roo, Tigger, and Eeyore were also among Christophers’ toys and used just as much for inspiration.  Rabbit and Owl are the only two who are purely imaginary, and yet so needed for the stories as we saw in our last adventure.

pooh group1628604

Today we are joining Pooh and Piglet on a little hunt. Let’s see what kind of mischief they get themselves into.

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