A Tail like no other

Now as it happens. Mr Milne was an eclectic when it came to his own writing. He always wrote what he wished and when. Publishers would tell him the piece he was going to write was not in demand when he wanted to write it, but he would write it anyway. He is quoted as saying “the only excuse which I have yet discovered for writing anything is that I want to write it; and I should be as proud to be delivered of a Telephone Directory con amore as I should be ashamed to create a Blank Verse Tragedy at the bidding of others.” Thank goodness he was of such a nature. Only from this do we have Pooh Bear and his friends today.

Pooh bear and friends

Eventually, Mr Milne passed, at the age of 74, in 1956. There’s a commemorative plaque near Ashdown Forest commemorating A. A. Milne and the legacy he has left.

Christopehr Milne and a commemoration plaque

When he died he left the rights to the stories to his family and three others. His widow sold the family share to a Mr Stephen Slesinger, who passed. At which point his widow sold the rights to Disney. Disney has, of course, brought Pooh and his friends into the limelight and for most of us, it is through this light we are first introduced to the Hundred Acre Wood at all.

Pooh Bear.jpg

Now we will join Pooh in a search for a tail worth the telling. Eeyore seems to have lost his. When things like that happen, it’s good to have friends to call on to help us out.

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