Horse or Olive tree?

Today we take a turn and run around the corner from the Hundred Acre Wood.

Athens 1

Ancient Greece is a place with so many tales, they have not only been told over and over and are still being told, but so much of world culture can find roots in its stories. They have become interwoven into the very fabric of language. Take the following story. The use of a trident plays a small part, but the word ‘trident’ has great meaning. it is broken into two pieces tri, meaning three. Then dent, to mean tooth. This is to say a trident has three teeth, and so it does. Where might we also find words with the prefix tri? Tricycle, triathlon, triple, triangle? On to the suffix or stem dent. Can you think of any common words that use dent and are associated with teeth? Perhaps Dentist, or dentures? Can you see how interwoven the language has become?

Athens on map

We are going to take a look at how one of the greatest cities in history got its name according to a myth. The thing about myths is they may be purely fictional, but at one time people put a lot of stock into them. In any case, they make for wonderful stories.


Let us hear of Athens. If you’d like to read a little more on Athens from a personal perspective, may I recommend the following: A day in Athens, Greece.

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