Wings of feathers and wax

Not all stories have happy endings, as this one does not. There is a lesson to be learned here. How often do we find ourselves hearing but not listening to not only what our parents may say, but also what any other may say? How we respond to what we hear usually depends on the difference between hearing and listening.

This story also brings into character the Sun god Apollo.


But Apollo was not actually the sun god in Greek mythology. That title belonged to Helios. Helios is also the Greek word meaning sun.


There is a trace of this in our language today. In 1886 Scientists analysed a solar eclipse and found that the spectrum from the light of that eclipse revealed an element previously unknown. At the time they thought that the element only existed on the sun and created a name for it out of the Greek word for sun. This is how the element helium got its name.


While it was discovered the element does exist on earth as well, the name of this element gives us a reminder as to its discovery.

As an aside, helium is also a lot of fun to suck out of balloons as it will make your voice change into a high squeaky tone.

In the following story we will meet Daedalus


And his son Icarus. Who must leave us at the end of the story.


But I’ll let you listen and ponder as to why he was no longer with us at the end.


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