Pomegranates cause what!?

Before there was an understanding of why the seasons are the way they are, there were people that would ask the question. Whether in haste or by tradition people would create explanations as to why. In this story, we have an ancient Greek explanation for that proverbial question, ‘why’.


Through it, we’re going to learn a little bit more about the language we use today.

Hermes, while messenger of the gods, was also the patron god of magic.


Would you believe that medicine is closely tied to magic through history? Working in reverse, the science of medicine, with its close association to the science of chemistry, are the offshoots of alchemy. Alchemy is the medieval practice of turning one substance into another and was known as a hermetic art due to the perceived magical nature of what an alchemist could do. When air is sealed in a bottle by heating and twisting the neck of the bottle it is known as a hermetic seal. To mean the seal of Hermes. Today still the terms hermetic and hermetical are used to describe both an airtight seal as well as the cloistering of someone or something away from outside influence.

The goddess Iris is the goddess of the rainbow.

Iris the goddess

In relation, we call the pigmented membrane of our eyes the iris due to its colorful and pigment variation nature. See how brightly the flower, and iris is.


It is used as the root of the word iridescent. Whose meaning is ‘showing luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles‘.

So what does that have to do with a pomegranate? Winter is caused by pomegranates. Didn’t you know?



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