A Faint Whisper, & a Fair Face

Before the title is addressed I’m going to cover a small piece of knowledge that has been both lost and found in different cultures. The word retribution means the dispensing or receiving of reward or punishment. This simple definition applies to one of the goddesses in this story. Nemesis was seen as the goddess of retribution. To mean she would both reward the just as well as punish transgressors. Nemesis was to be seen as the balance between good and evil. A common trend in today’s casual way of speaking is to reference Karma. Which, although sourced from a different culture, is essentially the same concept of balance. Balance is the key. Both concepts concern the whole of actions and their just rewards.


This story primarily contains two characters whose names are still used regularly. Have you ever called into a mountain and had that call returned? Have you ever walked into a room empty of everything but when you spoke it came back to you?


Over the bank of many ponds and in the planting beds nearby in many parks and gardens, you can find a white flower with a yellow or orange center. Do you know what this is called? Did you know the ancient Greeks believed there is a reason the flower dips to look downward?


Listen to this story and see if you can divine the answer to the questions just asked:

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