Listen to the four winds…

It has never seemed right to label the American Indians with one title. Even if, or rather just because you are trying to label them a specific type of people based on geography, which itself is rather subjective. After all, aren’t the citizens of Russia also Asian? In any case, the larger problem is that each tribe is so different in culture and tradition from each other, that while there are tying binds in their pasts, they are all unique to the point of being nothing more or less than the peoples of the tribe that they are.

We have two such stories today. The Pima have a tradition of origin so very different from the Hopi. And I’d like to share these with you now. First the story of the Pima.

Pima Indians

These stories will put some of us in familiar territory, I myself was born in Arizona and have visited the Superstition Mountains on occasion.


“In the State of Arizona, the Pima Indian tribe declares that the father of all men and animals was Great Butterfly-Cherwit Make, meaning the Earth-Maker.”

Shall we listen to the four winds as they tell us a story?

Four winds


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