Excuse me, Mr. Drummond…

What name could be more synonymous with Pirate than Blackbeard?

Edward Teach

Unlike some recent fictional characters, Blackbeard was a real Privateer and Pirate (Do you know the difference between the two?).


Most likely the one with the greatest reputation. Judge Whedbee has given us a brief history of this man and his ending…or is it an ending. From what I learned, he may be around still.

We’re going back to North Carolina today, Ocracoke town


and the Pamlico (Pamilico; as spelt in the book) Sound.

Pamilico Sound

The whole Outer Banks area is filled with so much pirate history that the legends will most likely never die.


This one starts with an Edward Drummond and ends with some lights which may or may not still be visible. Without further ado, or you’d end up reading the whole story instead of listening to it, I give you Mr Whedbees glimpse into the life and times from the late 1600’s to the early 1700’s in and around the lower central Atlantic seaboard:

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