Holla Holla…a heffible horalump

Sometimes the stories we read make us laugh.


Especially when we put ourselves in the position of the characters we are reading about. This one always makes me do that. We are rejoining Pooh Bear and some of his friends today as they go on yet another little trip through the woods. Going trapping we are.


It can be well imagined Mr Milne telling his son these stories. What is unknown is if he told them and then wrote them down, or if he wrote them with the intent of telling them later. While it will never really matter, it is interesting to see how the mind will work sometimes. What we do know is his son and the tykes toys are most definitely the inspiration for what has been shared and loved the world round.

CR and PB

Let’s now join Pooh Bear, Piglet, and Christopher Robin at lunch:

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