Estsan-Natlehi needs a home

This one was much shorter than I expected it to be, but is a beautifully told tale all the same. The Navajo nation is one of the largest tribes in North America. They have a deep and rich history. So much of it truly is in the tales that are told.


One of the sights you will see often when driving through the Navajo reservation are little round hut style buildings. These are used as much today as they were once upon a time. The structure is called a Hogan (Ho-gone).


They are used as outbuildings anymore from what I understand. To house livestock, for the preparing of materials of tradition, I’m sure at times they may even be lived in (although not as common a practice as it once was).

As it turns out. One of the Mothers in this story ended up with much more appropriate accommodations for her position….at the end anyway. Let’s see what happened:

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