Benefits of reading aloud

There are a couple changes I’m going to make now that there’s some content to the listening library.

First off let me say that new stories will be added at a minimum of 2 times a week.

Regular posting will go to three times a week, and with two taken with new stories that leaves me a posting to bring you relevant information on either the literature itself, the benefits of reading aloud, history on the author’s and their backgrounds, and child development.

I was reading an article this morning on benefits children gain from being read to. The following are some bulleted points from that article:

1. Strengthening a bond between the child and adult reader

2. Experiencing the pleasure of escaping into a fantasy world or an exciting adventure

3. Developing a favorable attitude toward books as an enrichment to their lives

4. Stimulating cognitive development

5. Gaining new vocabulary and syntax

6. Becoming familiar with story and text structures

7. Stimulating and expanding their imaginations

8. Stretching attention spans

9. Empathizing with other people’s feelings and problems

10. Learning ways to cope with their own feelings and problems

11. Widening horizons as they vicariously learn about the world

12. Developing an interest in new subjects and hobbies

13. Understanding the heritage of their own and other cultures

14. Learning new knowledge about nature

15. Bringing history to life Stimulating aesthetic development through illustrations

16. Exploring artistic media used in illustrations

It has been said, and I don’t remember by whom, that there is not a thought that humans have had that has not been written down somewhere. With all the turmoil in the world would it not be a great benefit to gain a multitude of perspectives for any given situation? This coupled with the moral compass

provided by the parenting structure would set our children up in the best possible ways for all they may face in the future.

I urge you to please take the time to read to your youngns. Should time be limited then by all means, use a story that has been provided here. Some short, some long, all wonderful adventures through time and distance.

Make today the best it can possibly be!

Tim R.

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