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Have you ever wanted to visit Ireland? Always been one of the places I’ve longed to see with my own two eyes! The people, the castles, the culture, the pastures, the history…all aspects have me enthralled. Today we will be visiting Ireland, but of a time long ago.

Irish castle

This story I’m still looking for the origin on. As it turns out, what I have had in a book of folklore from different cultures has been abbreviated so the story is there for the telling in a sit-down session. The unabridged version has many chapters and I’ll be getting hold of that soon as I can. In the meantime, this is a wonderfully told version of the story ‘The King of Irelands Son‘.


It was a children’s book published in Ireland in 1916. Padraic Colum is the author. The fun part is that the book is solidly steeped in #Irish folklore, itself being originally a folktale.

King of Ireland's Son lo res to post

In it, we see giants and princesses. A unique horse with some amazing abilities. And we meet a family of eccentric old men, one at a time. I hope you’ll enjoy the story in the listening as much as I did in the reading.

King of Ireland's son tunnel lo res

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