We all hold value.

How will you start your day?

I’ve had a request from one of my most regular readers/listeners. How exciting is that?! It must be shared that this particular listener is also my youngest daughter. She is 15 almost 16 years old and still enjoys her father reading to her. I am a very lucky man! While I have two children in-between the oldest and the youngest, my oldest will also play these stories and listen to them with his wife, he’s 21. The point is that while we may think of reading to our children at the early stages of life, it is not an activity we need ever cease.

My Cornballs

One of the blog’s followers has played these for the elderly in assisted living. Not only is being the one reading valuable but being read to has value. To hear a story told, to have a book read to you, holds a certain magic of its own. Dreams are held in stories. Some we’ve forgotten, some we have yet to explore. Adventure, excitement, contentment, reminders of home and hearth, mystery, suspense. There are so many aspects. “Though I’ve traveled the world I’ve not left the library”.

The Biltmore Library

The story I’ve been asked to read is neither folklore nor classic literature, or even a fairy tale (in the traditional sense), but it is a good story with a good message. We are all special, we all do hold value. The opinions of others only hold any weight where we let them. I hope you enjoy the story:

You are special, by Max Lucado

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