A brief introduction

So much is widely known of Greek mythology that I felt it bore no real introduction. Norse mythology is not as widely known. So I am posting today an introduction to some of the main characters and the creation of what we know as the world, but what is known in that mythology as Midgard. This material is from a more recent book authored by Neil Gaiman. Strictly titled ‘Norse Mythology‘.

Norse Mythology


Neil Gaiman
Neil Gaiman

Mythology has a place in our histories as the views from another time that helped shape our societies and much of our cultures.

We will meet Odin




and Loki


today. Also Odin’s siblings and his parents. Thor’s children and his wife are mentioned. As well how people came to Midgard. I hope you enjoy as much as I do these tales. For as we get to know the stories of others, we get to know others themselves. That it is mythology bears little relevance on the fact that a great number of people were shaped and driven by it, and so, their ancestors.¬†Mjolnir.jpg

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