It helps children do what?

My Birthday was this past July. For it, I sent my mother a copy of ‘Anne of Green Gables

Anne of green gables

by Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Lucy Maud Montgomery.jpg

If you’ve never read her works you really should. Ms. Montgomery is one of my favorite¬†authors. After receiving¬†the book my Mom got hold of me and we started tossing around book titles and authors checking to see if we had shared those and to pass along what we thought the other might find enjoyable. You might not find this so extraordinary, but until then I cannot remember the last time I spoke with my mother. My point is that while life may take us different directions, having a common interest in literature allows us to still share adventures together even though we have not spoken often or have been in each others company frequently. It is a tie that binds and one that she put there since reading to me and my siblings from the time we were little.

Reading to children has many benefits. Some of which, until recently, I did not know have had extensive studies done. To me, it always seemed a good idea to read to my kids. I wanted them to be exposed to literature from the very beginning. Mostly from my own love of books, stories, and adventure did this desire come. But aside from that, the child’s brain develops and learns at a pace that far outstrips us as adults. To be able to plant the seeds of knowledge and imagination in so ripe a soil seemed to be a good idea.


As it turns out there any number of reports available, of which I am including 2, that support the notion that not only is it a good idea for imagination, but definitively the knowledge. Children who are read to have better communication skills, have an easier time becoming literate earlier, understand phonetics better, and overall increases in language development.


There are increases in logical thinking skills and comprehension. It creates stronger ties with loved ones and supports the family structure.

Again, I urge you to spend time and read with your children. They will come to love it, you will never regret it, and it will be a wonderful tie that binds you no matter the distance that life may put between you.

Tim R.

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