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Please forgive my absence from Monday. It was both the holiday weekend and early preparations for the Hurricane building and heading our way. Let us hope and pray for the safety and well being for all those whom it may affect. Let’s also get back on track here now that preparations are well under way.

William Shakespeare


William Shakespeare

was and is still considered, history’s greatest playwright. It is said that there is not a plot in existence that he did not originate. He covered a great many aspects of human nature in his various pieces and poems. One of my favorites has always been ‘The Tempest‘. This is what I bring to you today. Only not quite as he wrote it.



You see I also have an affinity for collecting old books. Of particular interest are the readers that used to be used in the one room school houses. In this, the 1878 edition of Appleton’s 4th Reader

Appletons 4th reader

is an abridged version of the Tempest suitable for reading here. I hope you will enjoy it.


The amazing thing to me when I look into the schoolbooks of the past, the more distant past, is that they taught so much more to children at an earlier age. I’ll share a bit more about what I mean on Friday as this is a subject very dear to my heart. The education of our youth has gone awry.

In the meantime, let us join Prospero, Miranda, and Ariel on this adventure with a happy ending.

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