A Fair Trade…?

Yggdrasil. To be perfectly fair I have no idea how to actually pronounce this word. That won’t stop me from trying though. This is the world tree, and along with it comes the structure of the worlds for the Norse. The theme of self-sacrifice is one that seems to be prevalent in Norse mythology. That one must give something up to gain or grow. I’m rather fond of that idea as it does reflect what we all deal with on a daily basis.


Norse mythology has gained a resurgence of popularity with the Marvel movies having come out showing Hollywood depictions of Thor, Odin, Loki, and many others from Asgard. While the stories are butchered from actual mythology that has been around for ages, I find it interesting that comics and videos should be the catalyst for a renewed interest in the subject in general. I hope it lasts as there are some great stories to be told.


Today I’ll be sharing one last piece of the intro, on Yggdrasil as I have already mentioned, but also the great mystery as to how Odin really lost his eye. Do you think it was a fair deal for him?

One for the other

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