Which one will you travel?

The Road Not Taken‘ is a poem by one of the United States most acclaimed poets, Mr. Robert Frost.


When I was in school most of my siblings and I were required to take Choir. As it turns out this was far and away the best subject to be in. Somehow my voice didn’t resemble amphibian wildlife. In any case, one of the pieces that the director had picked up an arrangement for was a version of this poem. While I cannot remember who did the arrangement, nor what it was titled, I do remember the message I received while reading the words. It is a message many of us receive when reading, reciting, or signing this poem.

frost book.jpg

The odd part is there is speculation as to whether the author of this piece, Mr. Frost, intended for the message that is taken from this by most, to actually be the message he was trying to convey. That will be left in the air though as art is interpretive. Take from it what you will and may it benefit your life for good.


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