Hair or Hammer?

The good news is, this is all mythology and so may be told in any fashion seen fit by the teller. They’re just stories. The bad news is, the dominant thoughts currently held as to some of Norse mythology are propagated by comics. As such they are not exactly true to the stories told traditionally. I suppose it’s a matter of what you find enjoyable in the end. For me, I have always liked the traditional versions of any mythology or fairy tales. They tend to be a little more gruesome in cases, but they also tell the story better.


In this story, we find out just how Thor’s hammer, Mjollnir, came to be with him. There’s also a glance into the type of mischief that Loki causes and the steps he takes to get himself in the clear. Although there are still consequences to be had. We are introduced to Sif for the first time, Thor’s wife. Frey, god of the harvest also joins us.


This is a story in which we learn of a great number of the Gods gifts, but more importantly who they are gifted from, and why.


Please sit and enjoy the story. I had fun reading it and hope you enjoy listening. If you would like to take a look at the book these stories come from you will find it written by Neil Gaiman. The title of the book is simply ‘Norse Mythology‘.

Tim R.

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