Hipy Papy Bthuthduth Thuthda Bthuthdy!

There are so many times in life when we get caught up in all the minutiae that we may forget the little things. How many times have we heard these stories, and we still love them? The beauty is in the simplicity.

There are those that look for deeper meanings in it than this, and in truth, there may be. Two books I can think of off hand come to mind, ‘The Tao of Pooh

Tao of Pooh

The Te of Piglet

Te of Piglet

Neither of these have I read yet, but they come highly recommended. In them, they apply principles of philosophy originating from the Orient. So I will most likely read them as I do love philosophy.

In the end, we must remember that these stories really are as simple as a father telling his son bedtime stories. That in itself holds a magnitude of beauty that is not really capable of being described.

World of Pooh

If you have not yet, I highly recommend you pick up a copy of the classic versions of the Winnie┬áthe Pooh stories. In today’s story we find Eeyore feeling rather lonely and sad (oh wait, it’s Eeyore…). It seems no one has remembered his birthday. And I’m not quite sure why but when I read this story a year ago no one had remembered his birthday then either. You’d think someone would remember… Fortunately, he does have a couple of very good friends. Let’s see how they handle this little memory slip.



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