The itsy bitsy spider, Arachne

Let’s go to ancient Greece again. I’m reading from the book ‘Classic Myths to Read Aloud‘ by William F. Russell. They had so many wonderful stories. One of the best parts of Mythology is knowing the stories were meant as a way to explain the world. Take this story of Arachne. In it, we learn how the ancient Greeks explained such

creatures as spiders. As a result, the word has been adopted and adapted to Arachnid which identifies spiders. An arachnid is neither an insect or bug. An arachnid is its own biological class.


In the telling of this story, we also hear a warning to children to beware of pride and being boastful. There always seems to be some form of a lesson that can be pulled from stories. As if pieces of universal truths are always present, and if we look, listen, and pay close attention we can find those truths.

Arachne and athena

I remember my mother telling me when growing up that there is truth in everything. Not to say everything is true, but to illustrate that from every experience we can find something of value to add to our lives which is a truth. Many of us are of Christian faith in which how many times are we warned against pride?


Tim R.

It is my privilege to read to the world.

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