Pride can do a lot of damage

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Pride goes before destruction

One of the great things about reviewing history both from the actual events that took place and the mythological stories that have been romanticized is the ability to glean certain patterns from them. There is a great fault, that I myself and quite guilty of, that lies within each of us to some degree. Pride. It has been the ultimate in destructive weapons. It has caused the beggar to remain on the streets and has toppled empires. It has ruined families and friendships. It has destroyed faith and held back science. No emotion has had as great an effect on human history than pride.

Fall of rome

We often tell our young ones to take pride in themselves. To stand with pride for things of importance, and that we are proud of them. Then we tell them that pride is a bad thing. The fact of the matter is that these are two different things. Pride is not a good thing. Being able to be pleased with one’s actions and accomplishments holds no downfall…unless you become arrogant about it. Then we’re back to pride.

I would ask us to be careful when we are explaining these two emotions. While the same word is used for both, we should make sure the difference is made clear.

The opposite of pride is, of course, humility. Humility is actually far more powerful an emotion.


It is a force for good that can heal wounds, build bridges, communities, and restore faith in ourselves towards our fellow men. The trick is in its use. Far more effort is involved and the rewards are not instant. Therefore it tends to get neglected.


Ok, off my soapbox.

In this piece of the saga, we will see how pride plays a role in the events of the Trojan war. We’ve already seen how greed has started it. Here we are with the Greeks and face a bit of turmoil in the camp. While greed also plays a part here, you will see that it is pride that ultimately is the great divider. I wonder what would have happened if humility had been used by even one of the participants in this, ‘The Quarrel’. Let us get back to the war and see how this plays out….

This is read from: ‘Classic Myths to Read Aloud‘ by William F Russell

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