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Funny thing about Greek gods


It seems as though the gods from Greek mythology are always flip-flopping on who and what characters they will support, and for what reasons.

That being said we see a little of that in this story.

It’s almost as if there’s a sub-story within the story. In which the Gods themselves are bickering as to what should be done.

Today we will be joining the war whilst the Trojans are winning as Achilles and his myrmidons are sidelining it. All of this reflecting back to the pride displayed by both Agamemnon and Achilles. Hear the damage that is done.


Interesting notes on some words though. In the story, we hear of Stentor. Turns out he’s a guy that can yell really loud. We have a word which means ‘extremely loud’ in the dictionary – ‘Stentorian‘.

Then we have a relevant omen. Seems a bird on the left is seen as bad, and waiting till the bird is seen on the right would be good.Now they don’t wait, but this has travelled down through the ages as a belief that the ‘goodness’ of things is on the right, and the ‘evilness’ of things is on the left. The Latin word ‘Dexter‘ which means ‘on the right side’ is the base for words such as ‘dexterity’ and ‘dexterous’. When we add the prefix ‘ambi-‘ to it, which means ‘both’, we get ‘ambidextrous’. Here’s the kicker though. If ‘Dexter‘ means ‘on the right’, what word means ‘on the left’? You would know it as ‘Sinister‘.[tweetshare tweet=”what word means ‘on the left’? You would know it as ‘Sinister’.” username=”uk)jVlTZep8#E0PtB1H@E)9iz^1yZZJW:1:2″]

left and right

I hope you enjoy the story. As read from: ‘Classic Myths to Read Aloud‘ by William F Russell

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