You want me to walk TWO miles!?!

There is a message I wish to share with you. One which I wish I had heard put this way much younger than when I did first hear it.

It is a simple message that comes to us from a great many sources, the Bible being the foremost.

In the Bible, it is stated thus: “and whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain”. This is literally the basis for the idiom of ‘going the extra mile’.


I ran into the Author and speaker, Napoleon Hill, probably around 13 years ago or so. His writings so impressed me I have followed his work through the written word and have discovered his insights to be exceptionally helpful.

His own story is no less inspiring. Mr Hill was born in 1883 into abject poverty, from which he provided his own way. When you read his story, which he shares abundantly throughout his works, you will see that this is truly a man who went from rags to riches on his own merit. And there were setbacks, so very many. Mr Hill has remade himself so many times over due to those setbacks. But through consistent application of the principles he sets forth he has always got back on his feet and better than before.

In today’s society, a good number of these principles have been lost or forgotten, even though they are there for the use of any who will but learn and apply them. As a whole they advocate personal responsibility, pulling one up by one’s bootstraps, and seeking the best in our fellow men and women.

What I share today is only one of many of those principles that I will share interspersed throughout this blog. I hope you’ll join me now as I read from his own speech this principle of going the extra mile.

Book cover

This speech is read from the compilation ‘Napoleon Hill’s Greatest Speeches

Tim R.

It is a privilege to read to the world.

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