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Do you ever get that pull towards the unknown, to do that which some might find dangerous or impossible? That’s adventure calling. Will you answer? All of us feel at one time or another that we are meant for more than we have let ourselves become. It is what drives us to move forward to compete in the world, not with each other so much, but with ourselves. I’ve been living near the water now for almost exactly one year. When I say the water I mean the ocean. The Gulf of Mexico in specific. I thought I’d miss the mountains more than I do, and I do miss them. But there is a call to the water that makes me want to attempt the impossible. To do something that has never been done before and to do it against all odds.

In some ways, I believe that there is a story in all of us, one which if told, would be both our own, and would amaze the teller more than the listener. You see, all experience is valid and unique. The world has never looked the way it does now by anyone such as you or I, at any given point in time before. What we pull from our experiences is tempered by our previous experiences and no two people are exactly the same. Therefore all that has been done before may be redone and is completely new.

Live your life with adventure in your heart. Look at the world as the raw materials from which you will shape your story and pass it on to those you care about. Try new things, go new places, meet new people, eat new foods, dance new dances, and sing new songs. Immerse yourself in both near and far. Don’t get caught up in the grind of everyday minutiae. Routine is useful only in that it can help us accomplish our goals. It can be a driving and organizing force to help us achieve with focus and move on to the new and unexplored. Chaos is useful in so much as it forces us out of our comfort zones and requires us to think and act in new ways. Moderation in both is healthy and has a place.

There is no one answer. There is no right or wrong outside of the moral compass that guides us in civility with our neighbours. Strengthen your strengths and learn your weaknesses. Use the knowledge of both to your advantage. Work with others and serve all those around you. There is so much more to be had when you give yourself away in service.

I have a very dear friend who takes it upon herself to feed the hungry and the homeless. No one asks her to do this and she received no reward of a tangible nature. However, she is rewarded each and every time she gives of herself. I’ve been able to watch her find and amplify her character through such loving actions towards others and I love her for it. My son serves a mission where service is his life. Both spreading the gospel in his own way and being of tangible help to others where they may need it. He has grown from a drifting boy I knew to a man with a purpose. The whole of his mission is an adventure as he is provided with little of his own. But the growth in character he has gained is more valuable than the Midas touch. I love him and am very proud of him.

How can we find ourselves to be of more service How can we be of assistance to others? Do you look around you and see a need in this world? Can you think how you might fill it? It has been said that as you become of more value to others much will be given to you. I believe this wholeheartedly. I have been lacking on this blog in that way recently even though it was started with that intent. In some ways, I’m not even sure what I should do. The only thing I really know is that if I wish to grow, I need to contribute in ways that do not obviously benefit myself.

I sincerely hope and pray you find this within yourself too. How much better a place would this world be if all 6 billion people each focused more on each other than themselves?


Tim R.

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