Opportunity abounds

Some things in life spur us to action. In this case I have been behind in my posts and have the chance to focus on recording again. For the next two weeks I will be on a temporary duty assignment with my company. I’ll have little else to do with my free time. So it will be used recording stories and playing guitar.

Opportunity has a way of showing up if we can look beyond the surface and get creative. It’s almost more difficult to find extra time when we fill our days with a routine and become uncomfortably comfortable with it. The small pieces of time we once wanted to preserve in starting ourbroutine soon disappear. A little here, a little there. Taking a little longer than we need to on everyday tasks, in a word…complacency.

So this will be a good shakeup. I’m excited for it as an opportunity to produce again.

Talk to you soon

Tim R.

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