The Whether man is my favorite

When reading aloud I often find that words will trip me up. Specifically when they are in dialogue. Authors write so as to give their character’s personality (thank goodness for that). As such, a challenge is created when trying to convey that personality to an audience. I can only hope I do well with this.


In this book one of my favorite characters, while being short in appearance, is the Whether Man. I’ve always seen him as an excitably positive fellow and read him in just that way. The dialogue written for him rolls off the tongue so well I had no rereads to make. It was just plain fun.

whether man quote

Do you have fun when you read? Do you find yourself immersed in a different world from the one in which you live? Can you see yourself as the main character? Don’t get me wrong, I like a good movie as much as the next person. Although it seems as if more movies today are stories converted from comics and books than as a story unto themselves. The problem with this I find to be in that conversion. A book has so much more scope for the imagination than a movie could ever hope to have. When you try to condense that scope into a singular lens through which everyone must view, and we all seem to see the same thing, then it is the viewing public who ends up being cheated f the full experience of the story. The Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling are probably the largest victims of this condensation that I can think of. Soooooo much is lost from the books. The portion of the public that has read the books know just how much is missing. The portion of the public that has not are being shortchanged in the story altogether. Yes, yes, the overall themes remain largely unchanged, and my opinion may not be a popular one.


I’m not saying don’t watch the movies. What I am saying is if you’re going to watch the movie, read the book. In my opinion, read it before watching the movie. If not, you run the risk of making yourself rather lazy in the efforts afterwards. That being said I have seen all the movies and enjoyed them well enough. I just wish more books stayed books, and more movies were written as movies in the first place.

I hope you’ll enjoy this second chapter of the Phantom Tollbooth. It was fun to read.

Tim R.


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