Be careful what you ask for.

A friend of mine has often expressed frustration with one of his children for that child’s constant taking of words very literally. At least that’s how it has been described to me. In my experience, it has always been of great advantage to be able to perform vocabulary gymnastics to a degree. It’s amazing the agility in a situation you will have when you are able to take away from a given set of words in a particular order multiple meanings.

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Just think of always having more than one opinion based on being able to interpret words in different ways. Placing emphasis in differing areas of a sentence. Knowing the various definitions of keywords, instead of just the most common one. Would you not see this as an advantage?

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The frustration can come in when children get this and constantly use it to form their own loopholes in rules and instructions given by parents. Personally, I find this hilarious. When my children do this I get smarter for it and I’m grateful. Fortunately, when I was younger my parents had this problem with me. My mother was rather adept with language herself though so I didn’t get away with it much once she saw what I was doing. Mom’s are tricky that way. The best part is it becomes a game, of sorts, of escalation causing our children to get better and better, more thoughtful, and plan ahead.


It’s a fine line and almost sounds like I’m encouraging recklessness, but nothing could be further from the truth. So many of our children’s traits we simply do not know, nor do we know how they will use them. What we do know is that everything they do can be used as a teaching tool. So while it may seem like a bad thing on the surface, the question becomes how, as parents, we turn it into a good one. I like to think I came out alright. Thank you, Mom and Dad.

In this chapter, we are going to a banquet! Who doesn’t love a good meal? As you can probably guess if you’ve been keeping with the story thus far though, it’s going to be a banquet unlike any you’re familiar with. Let’s just say it will give you food for thought, and let you listen to the chapter to see why.

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