Look around you my dear friend


My whole life I have moved. I went to six different elementary schools alone. Fortunately, I was able to attend only one middle school and one high school. While attending those two schools, my family still managed to move twice. Once I was finished with my primary education and had moved out on my own I still managed to move 4 more times before leaving Flagstaff Ariz. From there I joined the military and went on a whirlwind adventure around the globe (more or less). After the military, I still managed to move around quite a bit. In all the various places I’ve been the true adventures have always been cut from the same cloth. Getting out into the environment and exploring the nooks and crannies often forgotten by those¬†who would claim locality.Moving-Boxes-b
Once, when I lived in Fayetteville North Carolina, I worked for a logistics company who had a number of employees that were from that area. Retired military members and spouses. Every single weekend I went out and around. Explored the state. I would come back and retell the weekend adventures to my co-workers. After about 6 months of this one of them approached me and said with amazement “you have seen more of this state in sixth months than I’ve seen my whole life, and I was raised here”. She was, at the time, in her 50’s (an absolute sweetheart of a woman as well).


It brings up a good point that chapter 10 in The Phantom Tollbooth echos¬†very well. Stop and look around you. Enjoy the journey. There is so much to see in everyday life. Let go the habits and the comfort zones that we’ve allowed to creep in on us. Get up early, try new things. Go new place than for no other reason than you haven’t been there before. Look at the flowers in your yard, even if they’re only dandelions. Go for a walk, stop for no reason and just listen. Feel the wind. Life is the journey, not the destination. Enjoy the journey.

Tim R.

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