Do you take them for granted?

There is so much around us that I constantly take for granted. The colors of everyday life. The smell of clean laundry. The feel of a baseball when I play catch, and the way it hits into the glove. How does an apple taste? Do you appreciate a sunrise on occasion? The sound of daily life as it rushes by. In today’s chapter we explore some of the sounds that we might hear but do our best to take no notice of. The thing is that if these sounds were to stop, something would be missing. Makes one wonder whether they have become a comfort over time, or whether we can no longer appreciate true silence. Just a thought though.


Again it also goes to show that as we become used to, however, things are around us, they all serve to form a constant pattern. A pattern that we soon find comfort in. Usually, that pattern is only noticed when something goes missing. In my mind, this is a problem.


So ofter we hear that to get ahead we must break out of our comfort zones. So often comfort zones are thought of as comfortable zones, but they’re not. Comfort zones are those patterns that we live within and no longer even notice (for the most part). If we are to leave our comfort zones we must look at ourselves and our environments and try to see the things we have been taking for granted. Only when we see what can be changed can we figure out what needs to be changed. Only then can we make life-changing improvements.


It’s a matter of self-discovery. There’s an article I wrote on the Law of Attraction that I feel applies here. Did you know you can determine your environment? Even if it is currently not one you would have wished to be in, you can start to see how you got there and then effect changes. All of it is a matter of choice. I hope you’ll jump over to the article and read it.

In the meantime let’s join Milo, Tock, and the Humbug to see what they can hear.

Tim R.

Here are some books I highly recommend. Please take a look at them, and hopefully find value in them as I have.


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