Silence. It may be golden, but…

Back in action today with Milo, Tock and the Humbug as they continue their journey to bring Rhyme and Reason back to the land. The concept itself is an inspiring one. I wonder if we could each take on such a journey. Given today’s social and political climates I’m sure we can all agree that Rhyme and Reason certainly need to be sought after now, just as then.

Quiet anger

Today they are taking a little trip through to a rather quiet place. It seems that the Valley of Sound is anything but. Not without cause of course. I’ll let you listen in on just what that is.


In the meantime, I was directed to a resource that I was beforehand unfamiliar with. Have you ever heard of Librivox? Apparently, there are a great many audiobooks out there for free, read by volunteers, and all you have to do is go there to listen. If you wish to volunteer to read aloud you can do so by creating an account. I’ve just created one and will be volunteering shortly for some of their reading projects.

Tim R.


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