How often have you made this trip?

I know I’ve made it a ton of times. Getting away from this place is not always so easy. Requires a bit of crow consumption. Never the less it would seem we all make this trip at various times.

While it may seem like an overtly bad thing I would say that everything has its purpose. Still…I’d prefer a good reason from now on.


Curious yet? I can tell you that the host, Mr. Canby, is as gracious as can be, but also ungracious as can be, and so on. At least he will answer your questions. If you’re still not sure where I’m talking about then listen in. Milo, Tock, and the Humbug just got done with a little trip to the same place. Se what they thought of it, and if you agree.

I’d like to add to this a thought for the day. There is a book put out by Jeffery Gitomer entitled: Jeffery Gitomer’s Little Teal Book of Trust. How to earn it, grow it, and keep it to become a trusted advisor in sales, business, and life. I had acquired this book in a goodwill (which I highly recommend looking for books in if you enjoy a treasure hunt(which I do)) thrift store which was stopped at on a whim. I often go searching for older books in thrift stores, but if you’d like to purchase a copy there is a link in the title and I’ll put another here.

The main tenet of this book is rather obvious, Trust. It opened stating simply the words “Trust Me”. How many times have we heard others issue this statement in an effort to gain what they do not have? I’ve heard it many times, I’ve even used it many times. And it is correctly stated that if you must ask for it, you most likely don’t have

More importantly, the beginning of the book goes on to emphasize what I find very important. Trust in oneself. Do you trust yourself? No, really…I’m not talking about the show we put on for other people. I’m talking about in the quiet of our minds when no one else is around, do we trust ourselves? Trust to make a good decision. Trust to avoid the things we should avoid. Trust to rely on others when we must. Trust is a very difficult thing. Simple in concept but not easy.Trust

I’m going to continue to read this book and I hope to gain insights on how to better trust myself. Afterall…if I can’t trust myself, how can I trust others, and why should they trust me?

Tim R.

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