Please, sir, I want some more.

Ever had Subtraction Stew? One of the specialties in the Kingdom of Digitopolis I hear. It has been long enough since I read this book the last time I forgot about the interaction in this chapter. 

Just think of all the things you can do with a pencil for instance. Or the process of sleep and hunger we go through. How about the measuring of things large and small? Have you ever stopped to consider the infiniteness of it all?

Blue and silver infinity symbol

Not often do any of us I suppose. Perhaps we should. Definitely worth more of our time than a lot of the pursuits we find ourselves involved in. The kind leaving us wondering where all of our time went.

lost time

In chapter 15: This way to Infinity, we get to join our little group while they have their minds opened just a little further. I confess mine is always reopened as well when exploring different viewpoints.

Turns out the ability to look at different viewpoints from our own creates a wonderful environment for communication and cooperation. That is when we really have the chance to grow and learn.


Join us now as we get pointed towards infinity…and beyond?

Tim R.

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