Ha ha ha…Out of Context! I get it!

While writing this morning I feel as though I’ve been assigned one of the three tasks. You’ll have to listen to the chapter to know what I’m talking about. Sometimes it seems as if there’s not quite enough time in a day. Always running short on projects we mean to get done. I’ve been swamped lately and not without good cause. Finally, I’m starting to pick things back up a little and get on track. With this book, I must tell you…

Mountains of ignorance

Now, the real adventure begins! In this chapter, we make it out of Digitopolis and head into the mountains of ignorance. But not without a few wise words from our ever gracious Mathemagician. dirty bird 1

We also get to meet a young man of averages, and a bird whose presence is related to the title of the post. I do so love this book! How can you not? So much fun to read.


Tim R.



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