Do you remember when you were a child and you were headed to bed? Did your parents sing you to sleep or read you stories? Did they spend the time with you in those most precious moments putting thoughts of wonder and beauty soundly into your conscious so they would expand while you were unconscious? I hope yours did. I remember my mother reading The Hobbit to us. My father would tell what my siblings and I all know as Sam the Ghost stories. There was always some form of literature available.

It would seem life has become too busy for such things. Both parents working just to scrape by. Meals hastily made, chores done in a rush. By the time bedtime comes around everyone is so thoroughly exhausted, who has time for stories? So we turn on something that will pacify our children and give us, as parents, a much-needed break before we must rise in the morning and start all over again.

It is my hope in this blog to provide a better resource. To give to others what I was fortunate enough to be able to give to my own children; and to give to their parents, a meaningful source of material to tuck their most precious of gifts into bed with.

Please join me on this journey. Let us give our children Milne, Barrie, Doyle, Montgomery, Milton, and Shakespeare. Let them hear of Greek and Roman mythology that has given our cultures so much of its material from words and cliches to mindsets and beautiful creative expressions of truths. Let’s bring alive the storytellers who shared the world’s wonders with the ages, and tell the folklore of cultures around the world.

Here you will find pieces of literature that have been read aloud ready for you to play. For bedtime, for school, for curiosity, for education. Along with the read stories, you will find links to their sources and a few extra details and curiosities associated with them.

I hope this can be of service to you. Should you have any suggestions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Timothy Reid

It is a privilege to read to the world

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